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Eider portraits

My love-song to the gorgeous eider.  Oooooooooh, sings the male, and so do I.   I took these photographs at Slimbridge where the birds are very used to humans so they let me get amazingly close.  These ducks have had their wings clipped to stop them flying away.

Autumn wood walk

I’ve just come in from a delightful walk across waterlogged meadows and through leaf-littered woods, and my heart is singing. I’m back in Horsley, Gloucestershire, where last night I was whirled the fastest I’ve ever been whirled around the dance floor in an exhilarating waltz. All evening I was buoyed aloft by the glorious rhythmic … Continue reading Autumn wood walk

Dancing for joy

Akin to the joy that nature gives me is the pleasure of dance and music. Yesterday I drove to Gloucestershire for a few days break.  Every month or so, there’s a group of people who get together to dance traditional French and Breton dances, and I try to join them when I can. I checked … Continue reading Dancing for joy

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